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Empyrean Mods


1. Prejudice between the players of characters (hereafter referred to as a "mun" or "muns") will not be tolerated. If you have an opinion about something that may be a sensitive topic, please, keep it to yourself.

2. Prejudice between characters will only be tolerated if there is sound reasoning behind the opinion. If there is canon evidence that a certain character has prejudices against something, by all means, go ahead and show that.

3. Interaction between characters is just that - interaction between the characters. If one character hates another character, it does not mean that the mun of the character who hates the other character hates that character's mun. Each character has their own opinions.

4. There will not be any God-modding, or controlling other mun's characters, without permission from the mun.

5. This RP is slash and het friendly. If you don't like that, you should probably stop reading here.

6. Please keep anything over PG-rated underneath an lj-cut.

7. If you have a problem with another player, please contact that player before going to a Mod.

8. There is no limit to how many characters you may pick up. However, if the Moderators think that you are unable to handle many characters, you will be asked to drop a few.

9. Please try to remain as true to your character's personality as possible. If the Moderators think that you are being excessively OOC, you will be asked if there is any possible way to remedy the situation. Worst-case scenario? The banhammer will be swung.

10. This RP is multi-fandom. Consequently, there will be characters with insane powers here - or, there would be, if it weren't for this rule.

In the best interest of the characters, upon entering the Empyrean, they will be stripped of any powers that they do not need to survive. This is just in case someone (like the Hitachiin twins) annoys someone else (like Orochimaru), and something very bad happens (like someone needing to dig a double grave for the twins).

11. Please, respect each-other. Do not pick fights, and do not deliberately set out to annoy/upset another mun.

12. If you have a problem with a Moderator, you can either talk to that Moderator directly, or speak to another one.

13. If you would like to apply to help the Moderators out (or even become one), please contact Elle on one of the following services;

E-mail: virtually_defined@hotmail.com
LiveJournal: rinoa_h_c_l
AIM: ElleBrat
MSN: virtually_defined@hotmail.com

14. Yes, this is a crack!RP. This means that things will take place that aren't normal - taking an example from another RP I participate in (my personal favourite RP); certain food that the characters could mutate them. However, the mutations are very lame, like growing an extra armpit, not being able to lie, or gaining a constant echo.

There will be OOC warning before something happens, to give you time to prepare your character. However, unless informed IC, the characters will not know until it actually happens.

15. There is no rule #15. I just like things to be in sets of multiples of 5.

If you have any questions, please visit the FAQ!

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