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Location, Location

'Cause I didn't explain properly in the explanation of this place. *koffkoff*

There are, and always have been, different rooms inside the Empyrean. Like, you know. One door leads to a house/room, and another leads to an arcade. The doors that lead to non-houses have the name of the place that's inside on the door.

But. To make things easier, doors that lead to "different" rooms are gone. The doorways are now arches, and everyone can clearly see what's inside the room. All of the locations are located on the third, fourth and fifth floors, along with normal rooms.

On those three floors, there are also restaurants, cafés, lounges, and bars. Some of the bars are 19+, some have no age limit. Reason for this? To protect the children from needing the eye bleach! ('Course, that doesn't mean that anyone under 19 can't get in. If you want in, be creative.)

The fifth floor is the only one with a pool. It is equipped with lockers, towels, swimming caps, goggles, and anything else you could ever want in a giant pool. (That includes water slides.) It's also the only floor with a shopping complex - clothes, groceries (if your character doesn't want to use the system in place with the fridges), video games, so-on. Of course, they don't have as wide a selection of products as the village has, but it's still there.

The whole of floor 0 is dedicated to physical activity. Martial arts, sports, and other things like that are practised there. There are fighting dummies that are stationary by default, but can be switched to attack on four levels - Easy, Medium, Hard, Impossible. On the first three settings, the dummy will eventually shut down and stop attacking. On the last, the dummy will not stop attacking until the person(s) fighting re-program it to its default setting. (To switch the settings on the dummies, there is a panel in the training area. Default Easy Medium Hard Impossible Push the button that you want to change the setting to, and the setting will be changed immediately.)

Floor -1 is specifically for magic and unusual techniques. Characters will have up to half of their powers while they are on this floor. There are training dummies here, just like on floor 0, but these ones use magic by default. To make the dummy attack with magic and physical attacks, there is a PHY MAG button. To have it only use physical attacks, there is also PHY. Of course, there is also the Default button.

Questions? Suggestions? Go for it!
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